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Cozy up with a good romance. Discover along with Thomi the secrets of the Deverill clan. Exactly why does veterinarian Stephan Deverill need a wife right now? Just when she believes she’s got the puzzle figured out, someone scatters the pieces on the floor. All For The Love of Thomi has been called a sweeping family saga by a reviewer at CoffeeTime Romance.

You might weep with Joleigh-Anna over her sad times when her fiance leaves her standing in the rain at her cousin’s graveside–but you’ll cheer her on in her endeavors to right the wrongs and chuckle at the schemes she uses to do it. The Resurrection of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann is a story of relationships and how we deal with loss and grief, told, of course, with Heart and Humor.

MalleyCat and Dalton’s Last Stand is a story of how an abandoned cat helps her new family deal with the frustration of an outrageous and altogether annoying Big Time Boaster. The kind a kid would like to send way, way, way out in space . . .  Twins, Jeoffrey and Jerrianna have differing opinions as to whether Malley will be an asset or a hindrance in this venture!

Thanks to Eustace is a new edition to the Free Stuff section. A short story of how Anna Lynn finally discovers the reason her husband has been so social with everyone but her . . .  Not, perhaps, the reason you suspect.

A Purrrfect Napping Spot is the newest story for kids from 6 to 12. The Smith’s cat, Zacq, is in search of the coziest place in the house to take a long nap. Of all the places he could chose to snooze, he picks . . . .

You’ll have to go download the story to find out where that is. A few real photos of cats, pups, and a parakeet illustrate this fun story about a family with a bunch of wacky pets.

Ride ‘Em Tough is a new short story depicting a sliver of the rodeo scene. Crazy Eight, a mean, roman nosed, buckskin,  has only been ridden once for the full eight seconds of a saddle bronc ride.

Levi Hale, Eli’s dad. Eli’s drawn Crazy Eight more times than any one, but hasn’t come close to that eight second thrill. Possibly, he never will . . .

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