Another Kingsley Twins Update

There is a new update to the first Kingsley Twins novel. Authors, particularly indie authors, are always trying to find that sweet spot that attracts readers to their books. Often the cover needs updating, or a title change seems to be in order. This is the case with the Kingsley Twins first book.

The front page of this site has the updated cover with the new title The Great American Fifth Grade Air Hockey Tournament. Seems as though people didn’t get the cover or the title previously. This should dispel confusion of what the story is about. The new cover features better depiction of the twins, and one of their bullying classmate, Ralph Henry Dalton. 

While the book is available only as an ebook presently, print copies are planned for later this year. Not certain as yet if it will become available as a hardcover edition, but it is being considered.

In the meantime, try it out in it’s digital form at a less expensive price. If you do get the story, please consider rating it at whatever retailer you bought it from. They will also be picked up to be added to the review section of this site.

Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate your interest in DWP’s offerings!

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