New Updates Coming For Romance Novels

I’m excited to announce new updates to All for the Love of Thomi, and The Resurrection of Joleigh-Anna Kelmann are in the works right now. New covers for both that will brand the series better, and some new rewrites to both, but especially for Thomi. The stories overlap and spill into the next one, A Storm in My Heart, and will tie them all together there.

Cover reveal will occur in a week or so, as soon as they are finalized.

Why the new updates? To try to better sales, of course, and to make sure that the stories are the best they can be when they get paper published. Once that happens, everything is pretty much set in stone. Which is the great advantage of digital publishing. You can fix your mistakes, or add to your story whenever you see a need to.

A boxed set is being planned for the near future. Price and design have to be worked out for that. Also new prices are being considered for the single titles, and will be announced when that happens.



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