New Video Section Added

A video section is being set up for book trailers, how-tos, and other videos. Please check them out as they become available, and if you have a moment, give your feedback. It’s always appreciated!

In other news, MalleyCat and Dalton’s Last Stand is now live on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and other online stores as well as right here, and the author’s website.

Marooned on Planet EARTH – Devynn’s Dilemma will be out in another month as an ebook, and later on in paperback, as will MalleyCat and Dalton’s Last Stand.

A picture book in PDF entitled BABIES & TODDLERS & Other Little Ones will be available in a few days. Other formats will also be available in the future. The picture book feature aspects of a little one’s life from birth to about four, hence the subtitle. Sleeping, eating, playing, pets and animals, fun times on outings are some of the topics to enjoy in this cute little book by Anita M Shaw.

Thanks for stopping by, and Keep Reading!

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