Updates 12-2020

Closing out the year, DWP has slashed prices 44% for the romances and more for the middle grade. To make things easier on all including myself, DWP has gone to a hands off selling platform.

All items, including the short stories can be gotten at any of the usual book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Apple iBooks, Nook Rokuten, Scribd and others. All you need to do is go to the purchase page of your desired book, and click on the Universal Book Link to go to a page where you can pick what online book retailer you want to buy from. For Amazon, click on the book cover or the link at its foot. You can share the link and check out a preview of the books right from here.

All of the books and a couple of the short stories have been through a new round of updates, rewrites, and new covers. And, as you can see, the site has too. All set for a New Year!

May you all stay well during this time of Covid. It’s a great time to discover a new great read!

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