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Hey, people! I’m Jeoffrey Kingsley, and I’m Jerrianna’s twin. She’s older by a few minutes. I don’t care about that. She’s  pretty cool for a sister. We get along mostly. But I have to think she’s lost her marbles for this idea!

Okay, here’s the thing: There’s this kid in our class who hasn’t stopped bragging about how great he is at EVERYTHING, or how he owns the BEST stuff in the universe. I’d like to stick him in a box on a spaceship and send him out to a star going supernova! So would everyone else in my class. Yeah, even our teacher!

Now he says he’s The Best at air hockey in Northfield and Beyond! A game my mom is really great at. No one in Northfield’s ever beaten her, and everyone loves to try. Ralph Henry calls himself Deadly Dalton, and he thinks he can beat Mom with his eyes blindfolded and both hands tied behind his back! Ha! He’d be crying his losses in three minutes flat!

Anyway, Jerrianna’s come up with this crazy idea of an air hockey tournament at our house this Saturday. Crazy, because she thinks our new pet, a Maine Coon cat someone abandoned in our car two days ago, can beat Ralph Henry! She wants Malley to be the Mystery Guest Player who takes on the last player standing at the end of the tournament. WHAT??!! And none of our friends know we even have a cat, never mind one that plays air hockey . . . sometimes.

I want my mom to be the MGP. But she won’t do it. Says she’ll make snacks and chaperone, but that’s it!

My best bud, Micky Cooper, says if Jerri’s whacko plan fails, we are no longer best buds. He found out our secret by accident. This whole plan is Doomed, you know it, don’t you? Won’t be just Micky dumping us as friends. We won’t have any friends left after Saturday. We’ll be the ones in that spaceship blasted off to the nearest star going supernova!

Hmmm . . . maybe I should hide Malley in Mr. Greene’s shed for a couple of days . . .

What do you think? Good idea? Or am I really being a Doom Dork like Jerrianna keeps saying?


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