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The Courting of Thomasyna Book Cover

What is the real reason Stephan needs his practically perfect plan B to succeed . . .?

Joleigh turns herself inside out trying to win Irvy back. Nothing seems to work.

But, then, one fateful day . . . Joleigh-Anna finds a way . . .

Is there reason to thank a dead relative for anything?

Maybe . . .

It’s Eli’s third time drawing Crazy Eight.  Will he stick with this loco bronco for the win?  Or will it be a trio of busts? 

Eight seconds will tell . . .

Like things spicy? Check out these 40+ chili pepper recipes. You’ll savor the flavor and the heat!

Ralph Henry Dalton has a BIG bragging mouth! How to stop him? Jerrianna thinks she has the answer. Hold an air hockey tournament and let their cat beat the pants off him!

But the day plays out in a way no one expects . . .

Zacq, a silver gray cat, is  searching for a cozy spot to take a snooze. But finding one is a challenge since the other pets of the family are looking for a napping spot too.

Where will Zacq finally find his purrrfect spot? Here in the living room, or there upon the refrigerator?  Or maybe on the bread box, or . . .

Hmm . . . Where should it be?

Coming soon!

When MollyMai’s owner passes away, she moves herself next door. Mom and the girls, Jeena and Neena are thrilled to welcome her. But Dad is not. “No cats in the house!” he insists. Of course, no one listens to that!

One day, Mom falls sick, and it’s up to MollyMai to bring her help . . .